CYI researchers participate in 4CH Interviews

As part of Task 7.4 “Dissemination and exploitation activities”, 4CH is organising a series of interviews with the project partners and local stakeholders. The interviews aim to start the experts' discussion about their possible contributions to establishing a future Competence Centre. Moreover, the interviews offer the general public the opportunity to explore the 4CH project through the lenses of Cultural Heritage professionals and researchers. The speakers analyse several topics related to Cultural Heritage, such as digitisation, innovation, data management, and other related fields, with the primary purpose of:

- Promoting the 4CH partners’ expertise and contributions to the project, including future exploitation activities;
- Boosting the local communities’ engagement through the involvement of local stakeholders;
- Offering an overview of the real differences that exist within European Cultural Heritage;
- Reinforcing the project’s network with a view to establishing the Competence Centre.

CyI Associate Professor Sorin Hermon discusses the importance of the 4CH project to the regional area of Cyprus, along with the impact of boosting the local community engagement and the contribution of the Cyprus Institute to the protection and valorisation of Cultural Heritage. This contribution includes assessing the risks caused by climate changes, aligning 4CH activities with other European initiatives and the need for collaboration between different sectors. 

In conversation with Fabio Montagnino, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Cyprus Institute, Sorin Hermon discusses how the 4CH Competence Centre for Culture Heritage can involve the private and public sectors for social expansion and engagement. For example, local communities may value their assets as part of their character and history whilst businesses may prioritise the financial value; a balance can be achieved through discussion and dialogue facilitated by the Competence Centre.

Find the interviews here.

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