Building Tree-Ring Chronologies for Cyprus

The Cyprus Dendrochronology Laboratory (CDL) at APAC Labs successfully completed its June fieldwork season, building on previous work while pursuing its aim to develop and create tree-ring master chronologies for Cyprus tree species of Cyprus. These chronologies will significantly help the study and dating of key monuments and important wooden artefacts from the Byzantine and Medieval periods in the island.

This year’s fieldwork concentrated in the Troodos mountain range. Sampling sites included forests as well as heritage monuments. Specifically, the team visited and studied key Byzantine and Medieval churches and monasteries in the Marathasa  Valley in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities. Additionally, sampling surveys were conducted at the foothills of the Troodos, where one of the oldest Black Pine trees on the island is located. The documentation of this 800+ year old tree was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Forests. Selected sites are important examples of Cyprus' natural and cultural history and provide invaluable data for ongoing research of APAC Labs.

Overall, this year's work in the field will significantly contribute to the development of the Byzantine pine chronology in the island, which has been instrumental in the study of Cypriot wooden heritage. This year's research results will provide critical information about the construction and restoration phases of the churches in the Troodos and a selection of significant Byzantine icons and objects. 

The Cyprus Dendrochronology Laboratory is a collaborative effort between the Cyprus Institute (APAC Labs), the Department of Antiquities,  the Department of Forests, Cornell University, and the University of Georgia.


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