Project Title: History and Culture of Dress in Cyprus
Coordinator: The Cyprus Institute
Type of funding: Private
Funding source: APAC Laboratories
Dates: March 2018 - Present
Project under development

Description: The digital library for the HISTORY AND CULTURE of DRESS in CYPRUS facilitates the study and dissemination of the history of Cypriot dress in its broader socioeconomic and cultural context. Dress in Cyprus includes the apparel of the Greek Cypriots, who represent the majority of the population, as well as that of the Turkish Cypriots and the Armenian community in Cyprus. Utilizing the available written, visual and material evidence, the primary focus is given to the early modern and modern eras corresponding to the periods of Ottoman and British rule in Cyprus. During this time the development of Cypriot dress mirrored aspects of the cultural identity, daily life and the socioeconomic aspirations of the various strata of Cypriot society as they transitioned between the insular realities of Ottoman Cyprus and the island’s gradual Europeanization in the colonial context of the British Empire. The use of advanced digital technologies and applications offers a unique approach to an important aspect of Cypriot Cultural Heritage. Digital documentation, 2D and 3D imaging and database applications contribute to the creation of a web-based digital platform that virtually narrates and explores the cultural development of the Cypriot dress. The project is an integral part of the Dioptra, the Cyprus Institute’s digital library for Cypriot Culture. This is the first comprehensive attempt to utilize the great opportunities offered in the field of Digital Cultural Heritage for the study and dissemination of the history of dress in Cyprus.