Project Title: Invisible Heritage Analysis and Technology
Acronym: IH-AT
Coordinator: The Cyprus Institute 
Type of funding: European
Funding source: The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF)
Dates: September 2019 - April 2021
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Description: In an era of rapid technological improvements, state-of-the-art methodologies and tools dedicated to the protection and promotion of our cultural heritage should be developed and extensively employed to expand and enrich historical and archaeological research and possibly revise or add new information to established theories.

The IH-AT (Invisible Heritage - Analysis and Technology) project, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, aims to design and develop an innovative portal comprised of reliable and efficient technology-ready tools for the visualization, documentation, and analysis of the UNESCO listed churches in the Troodos area in Cyprus. The project aims at applying Non-Destructive-Techniques (NDT), geophysics, 3D modeling and visualization methods, supported by art-historical and archaeological research, to investigate a cluster of selected churches.

The main goals of the project are to preserve and record the existing structural remains above the ground, and to identify possible lost and invisible features underground. The portal will be exploited by a variety of stakeholders and is targeted to multiple economic actors such as public authorities, universities, and individuals. This pilot application will enable the generation of an online platform and database from which information and data can be extracted, generating further research and conservation projects at the specific UNESCO churches.

In addition, the platform will act as a methodological example of best practice with a view to expanding these to other heritage sites in Cyprus. Through the integration of expertise from different disciplines, the project will forge essential links and synergies for the delivery of innovative tools to tackle challenges related to the conservation, restoration, and knowledge of heritage sites.