Project Title: The Alexandrian Necropolis Project
Coordinator: The Cyprus Institute
Type of funding: Private
Funding source: The A.G Leventis Foundation
Dates: May 2020 - May 2023

Description: Shatby Necropolis, next to the present-day Library of Alexandria, dates back to the beginning of the Ptolemaic rule, only a few decades after the foundation of the city by Alexander the Great in April of 331 BC. Having been mostly neglected after its discovery more than a century ago, this landmark demands immediate intervention, targeting not only the site’s survival in the 21st century but also its dynamic return to Alexandria’s archaeological and cultural map. The APAC Labs team digitally documented the site utilizing advanced 2D and 3D imaging technologies as well as selected spectral and technical photography applications. The detailed 3D model provides the necessary documentation of the site’s current condition and state of preservation, establishing a detailed record of the monument that improves upon the original documentation from the 1900s. The site’s digital documentation allows for the identification of all alternations (natural and man-made) that have occurred at the site since its discovery.